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Advocate Name
If you do not have an active case, please type "NA" in the box.
Hours and Miles This Month
Please report all hours volunteered and all miles driven as a CASA this month.
Hours volunteered this month. This includes all volunteer training, case related activities, time spent driving, time on the phone with CASA staff or parties to the case, time spent at court- any activity related to volunteering for CASA counts!
Miles driven this month as a CASA.
Services Provided This Month *
Please select all services provided to individuals in your case this month. Each service type includes examples, but is NOT all inclusive.
Volunteer Training This Month
These training hours are specific to attending the Pre-Service Training Course prior to being sworn in as a CASA. If you are an active CASA and reporting in-service hours, please submit those under "In-Service Training Hours" below.
Training hours completed this month. Please only type numbers in this field.
State title, date, and what you learned from the activity that will support your advocacy work. If you attended an In-Service Training through CASA of East TN, only submit title and date.
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