Marcia was presented the CASA of the Year Award at our 2017 Red Shoe Gala by Executive Director Britney Sink

It's National Volunteer Week 2017 and today we share our appreciation for our CASA of the Year Award winner: Marcia Bailey!

Marcia has been a CASA volunteer for three and a half years and has shown remarkable dedication and commitment to our program during that time.

In the last twelve months alone, Marcia has worked 8 cases involving 15 children, from months old to 17 years. She simply never stops -- She is quick to step in when she sees a need, and takes on a new case assignment or two, even if she already has one.

What’s more, in each case, she provides high quality advocacy for the children, maintains respectful relationships with all parties, and navigates tough situations with grace. She is successful not only because of her experience, but because she keeps an open mind when approaching a case, with an eye always on the best interest of the children.

As a volunteer, Marcia is a dream. She’s independent, but not afraid to ask questions, she shows up at court with a smile and a book, she mentors new volunteers, and she always wants to learn more about how to help. She has made real change in the lives of children because of her willingness to listen and follow through. Where others may give up, Marcia will march on until the job is done with both kindness and determination. Marcia, we thank you for your outstanding service.

Congratulations to Marcia Bailey, our CASA Volunteer of the Year!